May 8, 2008

More like Alec Can'twin

2008_05_08t174055_292x450_us_baldwin_politics.jpg So Alec Baldwin thinks he can be governor of New York. He's ready to face hard questions about the "thoughtless little pig" incident. But to understand how clueless Hollywood Liberal Elites are about real America (yes, New York is real America, once you get north of Westchester), take one look at the picture Reuters chose to distribute with this article. Sure it's probably just the latest photo the agency has of Baldwin, but still...

"Hi, Soccer Moms and Dads, here's me at the premier of a movie defending a fugitive child rapist!"

Oh, don't give me any nuance. If a missing flag pin can become a campaign issue, this picture definitely will.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Albany is for closers.

a don't forget his unseemly relationship with Canteen Boy.

I think he'd have no problem taking Fossella's seat in November. That's not a prison rape joke. I'm just saying everyone in Staten Island is a portly, middle-aged, child at-shouting, white guy from Long Island with impeccable comic timing.

ok. let us create a litle controversy shall we? not about Baldwin - a has been - if he ever was - but about Polanski.
apparently the guy (at the time 43) did have non-consensual sex with a 13 year old kid (i did my research), and yes, i do think that is wrong. but what was a 13 year old kid doing at a party sponsered by Jack Nicholson in the first place? i'm sure she was not the daughter of anyone present... was she realy 13?
nonetheless, it was never realy proven and Jack Nicholson never had any problems with it either. anyway, the supposed victim is now 39, so... well it's been a long time... it was the 70's, a lot of shit was going on, the guy (Polanski) had his pregnant wife murdered by the Manson family... heavy times...
still, what is the right age for both parties involved to have sex? it is a difficult question, is it not? specialy in the conservative and politicaly correct US of A. i mean, a 4 year old kid can't kiss a fellow toddlers' cheek at school because that can be considered a perversion. an incident involving a five year old kid accidentaly brushing his hand over a teachers' breast is considered sexual harrassment. come on people! what the hell is going on here???
i'm from brazil and one of our cultural traits is to hug and kiss each other, be it a friend or somebody you've just been introduced to. and that happens whether you are young or not. it's just a way of... well, introducing yourself. it has no sexual connotation. for the most part it has no connotation at all, it's just a habit, a cultural characteristic. we are friendly and we kiss each other whenever we want to. yeah, sometimes you don't want to, but it's got nothing to do with sex, it's just because you don't feel like it. and considering a 5 year old's kiss on a teacher's or a classmate's cheek as an act of sexual harassment... shit!!! that is simply unthinkable, inconcievable! i can absolutely certify that no brazilian citizen would ever win a law suit because of that.
and yet... the US, the moral compass of the world, the world's greatest porn producers' (and i mean that in a good way!), and one of the top countries in incest rates...
but back to the sex thing... hell! i lost my virginity at 15 to a woman who was probably 25 or more (i will never know because she was a hooker), but it was great! i would've loved being "raped" by my hot teacher at the time!!! and what is wrong with that?
i dated (and had sex with) plenty of 15, 16 and 17 year olds' when i was 25, 26 or 27, and neither they nor their parents thought there was anything wrong (although i must admit that some of the parents chose to ignore the sex part - but still there were no problems). i started dating my wife to be/is when she was 20 and i was 30, and we are happily married to this day. and what is the big difference between a 18 year old and a 16 or 15 year old having a relationship? and yes, in an ever increasingly sexualy media driven world where teenagers and pre-teenagers are more and more sexualy aware, who is to say what is and what is not permissible? staying a virgin until you get married or until you find the right one??? yeah, right! that's the way to go! become an emotional moron? unable to express any feelings at all out of fear of being considered a pervert? not hitting on your hot 15 year old crush just because you're 17? or 20? or 25?
what are the limits?
hell, yeah! this austrian incest freak is totaly out of his mind! and i realy don't think a 20 something should be hitting on a 11 year old... whatever the gender mind you!
but still... when i was 14 or 15 my hottest fantasy was getting it on with my hot math teacher. and i'm sure i would not have felt abused. it would've been great!
i'm pretty sure that by the time you are 14 or 15, after playing a lot of "house", "mommy and dady" and specialy "doctor and patient" we are all pretty sure what our sexual preferences are, be they homo, hetero, bi or as they say today, trans sexual. and that's cool. that's about the time you should start experimenting. some of the experiences will be good and some not... like everything in life... but hey... that's what makes you grow... it's not a trauma, it's not supposed to cost you thousands of dollars in psychotherapy... it's life... and sex is part of it. and it's a realy, realy, realy fun part of it! so enjoy!

Jeez, what part of "don't give me any nuance" don't you understand? Still, Alec will be glad to know he's got the loquacious Brazilian sex maniac vote sewn up.

radosh, all that was just subtrefuge to slip in the "little controversy" he referred to. He says "the guy (Polanski) had his pregnant wife murdered by the Manson family". So it was murder for hire! Good scandal, let's spread that around.
By the way, I've read that to determine the minimum age for someone you can have sex with (and not have U.S. people go "eeewwww"), the creepiness factor is (your age)/2 +7. Thus, no one over the age of 12 should have sex with a 13-year-old, otherwise it's creepy.

JohnnyB: You wouldn't believe the lengths he went through to get rid of his mother and sister.

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