May 1, 2008

What's on my mind while I'm too busy to actually blog

n147222.jpg The mysterious secret of absinthe revealed: Booze! (and psychosomatics).

CG kiddie porn is The Next Big Thing. Or possibly robots. Does Vanity Fair know about this?

Why not Bil Keane! By which I mean, Why not, Bil Keane, try some of this LSD? It might do wonders for your creative process.

If you're thinking of blogging about anything Jeffrey Goldberg writes, pick up the phone and call him first. He's got the time. There are only, what, a couple dozen people with blogs out there? Note: I tried to call Goldberg to before posting this, but got his voice mail. Should I have left a message? How long should I have waited for a callback? This Internet blogging thing moves fast, like some kind of superhighway.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Please check out "The Truth vs Barack Obama"


I saw this today, and HAD to share it with everyone. It is just a brilliantly researched and written list of inconsistencies with several of Obama's stories. I think it should be done for ALL three candidates, but I guess this is a good way to start at finally looking at the candidates with some honesty.


Two things re: CG kiddie porn:

1. Someone needs to tell Tracy Jordan about this. It would really help with his video game.

2. avatar sex is still about “dead eyes”

Yeah, that's the best part.

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