April 27, 2008

Baby Talk

Mark your calendar for next Tuesday, May 6, when I'll be presenting at the always funny and insanely popular Adult Education Useless Lecture Series in Brooklyn.

The theme for May: Babies and American Industry. I'll be talking on "Marketing to Christian Kids or The Secret Identity of Bibleman."

Also on tap, a lineup including two anti-caption regulars:

Pamela Paul: "Baby Gear Your Mother Didn't Have"
Charles Star: "A Short List of the Worst Children's Toys Ever"
Gary Drevitch: "How Princesses and Pokemon Conquered America"
Susan Gregory Thomas: "Barbie Goes Vertical: How the Marketing Industry Brands Infants and Toddlers"

Tuesday, May 6, 2008 - 8 pm (doors at 7:30)
Union Hall in Park Slope
702 Union St. @ 5th Ave
$5 cover


Posted by Daniel Radosh


Wow. Bibleman looks a lot like Mongul, ruler of Warworld from the Superman Comics.

Can you convince them to stop being slackers and record these lectures? This sounds maddeningly interesting but I am nowhere near your area.

Actually, we do record the lectures, Jeremiah. The nature of our slacking is in finding time to edit the video for the web. If we had volunteers, it would be done sooner...

David, you can see our email addresses, can't you? Put me in touch with Mr. Charles Star and I might introduce you to my friend George Washington.

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