April 24, 2008

How about abstaining from opening your mouth?

Yesterday, a parade of public health experts told Congress that abstinence-only education doesn't work and shouldn't be funded.

In response, Rep. John Duncan replied "that it seems 'rather elitist' that people with academic degrees in health think they know better than parents what type of sex education is appropriate."

Yeah, those elitists with their fancy degrees in actually knowing about stuff should back off and let parents have their say! And what do parents say? According to one poll, only 30% of American adults agree with the statement "the federal government should fund sex education programs that have 'abstaining from sexual activity' as their only purpose." In contrast, 67% of adults agree with the statement "the money should be used to fund more comprehensive sex education programs that include information on how to obtain and use condoms and other contraceptives."

Um, but that's all adults. And they're probably counting liberal college students. What about actual parents with kids in school. That's right, "95% of parents of junior high school students and 93% of parents of high school students believe that birth control and other methods of preventing pregnancy are appropriate topics for sexuality education programs in schools."

Still, Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, issued a statement calling yesterday's hearings "biased" and a "sham." Also yesterday, Perkins issued a statement calling Earth Day "a calculated attack on the sanctity of human life," adding that "the crisis du jour is global warming, but even that is just another excuse to fund 'Planet' Parenthood and similar groups." So he seems like a level-headed individual.

That last link is via Utne Reader, which also has an excerpt from a new book that may be of some interest, I Want to Be Left Behind.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The source of seed money and ongoing funding for The Family Research Council comes from the Prince family fortune.

The Prince family fortune was built on car parts manufacturing, including development of the vanity mirror.

Prince family scion Erik was educated in a Christian high school and Christian college.

Erik interned for Bush I, whom he criticized for being too gay-friendly.

Erik inherited his father's fortune at 26 and shortly thereafter created high tech death squad Blackwater, which receives hundreds of millions in no-bid contracts from Bush II's administration.

Blackwater mercenaries are each paid about $400 per day (Prince's cut is about $600 per day each) in Iraq for protection and military services. When they kill they kill those who do not believe in the Judeo-Christian version of the great invisible despot in the sky.

When not campaigning to relegate gays to second class citizenship, The Family Research Council lobbies for military action to wipe out "radical Islam."

Tony Perkins, late gay/bi actor, was wonderful in "Psycho." He died of AIDS-related illness. His widow, actress/photographer Berry Berenson, died in one of the hijacked planes on September 11. Both their sons are decent musicians.

I couldn't get a word in edgewise over at the potty-mouth thread, so I'll do that here instead:

A level-headed individual?
A level-headed individual?
How can you call the guy a level-headed individual when you just showed what crazy things he said? I mean really, I can't even believe you would type that. I am flabbergasted, and I don't mean in the good way. Yeesh.

Vance, i think he was being sarcastic

Vance, You've been reading this blog long enough to KNOW he was being sarcastic!

As Vance well knows, I meant every word. Maybe you people would be less cynical if you had Jesus in your hearts.

Unless by "level-headed" he meant that the top, rounded part of Perkins' head has been neatly sheared off, just above the ears, leaving only the primitive stump of a brain to reason with.

Due to an unfortunate birth defect, I have Jesus in my pancreas.

I have Jebus residues lurking around my Islets of Langerhans! Sweet!

milton, Lue: Thanks for the tips - check the potty-mouth thread for the context behind my comment.

From what I've heard abstaining from opening your mouth leads to an increase in teen pregnancies.

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