April 18, 2008

I think of God, not Gaynor, when I hear someone say "Gloria"

Over at my RR! blog today I posted about a Christian TV host who came out as gay. That led me to this hilarious video called Straight To Heaven, a musical spoof of "ex-gay ministries" (and queer culture) by a group of openly gay Christians. It's long, but the opening number alone is a pitch-perfect parody of language I heard all too often in my research.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'm noting this here because your Rapture Ready blog wants to require registration, but doesn't offer anywhere to do it, alas:

Hi there--I'm reading your book with great enjoyment, and just wanted to make one comment. On page 55, the joke "New York? Get a rope!" is, entertainingly enough, a little bit of pop culture itself. I don't know if they showed them in New York City, but there were some ads for Pace Picante sauce, where a bunch of cowboys, cooking out at night, offered up the origins of their salsa. The unfortunate with the New York offering was hogtied, not hanged.

So while it may still not be funny, it's probably not as awful as it comes across in the book.

couldn't agree more with you on that

Maybe the choppy editing throws me off but I would have had no idea this guy desires mansex. In any event I'm glad Mr. Southworth came out and wish him well. Now if only he could doff his belief in the quaint superstitions of certain ancient desert nomads ...

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