April 17, 2008

They'll be watching the returns for Forgetting Sarah Marshall very closely

shapeimage_1.jpg Here's Hayden Planetarium on the set of I Love You, Beth Cooper, perfectly cast as the object of graduation-day desire. As an afficionado of the high school movie genre I'm really looking forward to the movie, which is based on Larry Doyle's hilarious novel, now out in paperback.

To promote the new edition, Larry is holding a graduation song contest. A "slammin' graduation mix" figures prominently in the plot, and Larry wants to know what you think should be on it. The winner gets an iTouch, which is not a bad prize, and you don't actually have to choose a good song, because the winner will be selected at random.

Only you should choose a good song, because otherwise, what fun is that.

Larry helpfully has a breakdown of the different types of graduation songs, including

“Don’t you forget about me because I will remember you because we’re friends forever”

“Thank god that’s over”

“You were all kind of mean to me”

“This is such a special night, we should have sex.”

I, of course, went with Christian rock:

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