April 11, 2008

Forget the Newseum

The Paper is what's going to make journalism cool again.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


You're kidding, right?

Of course. Obviously the Newseum is going to make journalism cool again.

So Daniel, is this where budding journalists first learn that every opinion piece includes the sentence
"Let me explain" after the first paragraph?

Is there nothing they won't stoop to to avoid playing music videos? I know this comment is 25 years too late but they won't let me watch the video. I'm assuming it's the OC but with dorks?

"Print is dead." - Egon Spengler

I mean I guess print is really dead. I mean look we are typing on a blog not in the paper. I mean even IM messaging is evolving. I just downloaded this new IM service from bigstring that allows messages to self-destruct so that anything you say is completely secure. Pretty crazy right.

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