April 10, 2008

Bibleman vs. Jewy Jewstein

bibledoll.jpg Now on Gawker: a video I put together from the greatest episode of Bibleman ever. If there's a God, this one's going viral.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Does it count as Christian porn if there's a hot girl in the front row of the talkshow and you almost see up her (devilishly short) skirt?


I remember @ 10 years ago you arguing that (significant) anti-Semitism no longer exists in the US. Do you remember this? Care to retract?

You call this significant? Have you seen the TV shows they have in Egypt?

Great excerpt! Really looking forward to reading the whole thing.

I thought Jewy Jewstein was gonna be Radosh spliced in to a scene fighting biblemin.

Great, I was just buying the book to help with the Amazon number and planned to use it to even out a table leg, but after reading this I'm actually eager to read the thing. Go figure.

But let me just say...

a belief that many non-evangelicals would be distressed to hear is being passed on to eight-year-olds.

Uh huh... uh HUH... what'd I tell ya?

(Oh man, I forgot to start calling you "Rapture Radosh!")

The most distressing belief passed onto adults and certain prodigious eight-year-olds is that the US government should borrow new currency at interest from the Federal Reserve instead of just printing it.

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