April 10, 2008

Stephanie Rosenbloom's Googleganger

New York Times reporter Stephanie Rosenbloom has a front page story today about Googlegangers — people with the same name as you who pop up when you Google yourself.

And guess what! It turns out there's another Stephanie Rosenbloom out there. And that one also writes articles for the New York Times about Googling yourself. What are the odds?!

I know what you're thinking, but they're completely different people. Here are photos of each of them.

rosenbloom.gif Sitaly.jpg

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I share my name with a 80s-era comic book artist, and am forever getting e-mails from his fans asking me to draw them Batman, or inquiring if I remember meeting them at a particular convention. If anyone knows the guy tell him to get in touch! Also ask if he will draw Batman for me.


I will ask him to draw a Batman for you. Just one question: What's his name?

My question: What is the point of this post?

Isn't it a bit like comparing someone's driver's license mug shot to a glamour photo taken by a pro?

If you are trying to prove that the same person can look different in two photos taken at different times--Nice work!

At least she got a job doing what she loves; making self-obsession seem acceptable.

John - The photos, which are not actually the point of the post at all, are referenced in Rosenbloom's 2005 article. I thought it would be funny to post them here as though I were ignorant of that fact. Ignorance is funny. Also, Rosenbloom is hott.

"Also, Rosenbloom is hott." Only the Rosenbloom on the right, and then more so if you squint.

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