April 8, 2008

Speaking of Christian porn

cover-may-lg.jpg I'm not weighing down this (award winning!) blog with every news item about Rapture Ready! (For that, you can keep an eye on the RR! news page.) But I can't pass up an excuse to post the cover of the May issue of Playboy with its awful and anachronistic visual pun.

In this issue, along with, I kid you not, "the women of Putin's Russia," you'll find a photo essay of "the best of the worst of Christian consumerism," selected from the pages of Rapture Ready! On the Playboy blog today, editor Chip Rowe interviews me about my experiences inside the Christian bubble. It's a good intro to some of the themes of the book, and because it's Playboy, they didn't have to render my most articulate phrase as "s---ing c--k."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Man, I read the whole interview just to hear about your experiences as a serving cook, and then you pull a bait-and-switch right at the end. Asshole.

Got a link for the positive review on the evangelical blog?

Charles: That's what I mean by not weighing this site down! I did link it on the Facebook site, but here it is again:

The permalinking is fucked up, so you'll have to scroll to 3/25.

From the "anachronistic visual pun" you link to, the best line:

"This new, unstoppable desire of mothers to pluck and paint their daughters..."

And if the kids return the favor, does that make them "mother pluckers"??

I feel like weighing down the comments section.

I figured if the link wasn't on the Rapture Ready news page, it wasn't linked anywhere. How many sources of RR news am I supposed to keep track of?

Via gossip blog wwtdd:

From The Sun:

Now cops claim she [Naomi Campbell] called a WPC a “white ****” and a “white s**g” as she was dragged off the LA-bound jet in handcuffs.


Also, I don't know what a WPC is.

WPC = woman police constable. And I'm going to guess s**g = slag?

That Russian woman's torso appears to be made of Silly Putty. I think we're entering the surrealist era of Photoshop retouchery.

If they really wanted to drive the point of the pun home, they could have shown her with a snorkel in the other hand.

@ Patrick:

That's what you'll see when there's not enough meat on the bone- ribcage.


Which chick were you going to sue? (counts spaces again) ...nevermind.

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