April 7, 2008

Oh, great, now I have to keep doing this until it kills me

bestblogs_landing.jpg Somebody at Time magazine fucked up big time and named Radosh.net one of the 25 best blogs. Find out why and vote for me here. Or against me.

Update: I suppose I should link some greatest hits for any newcomers, huh? Try these.

The Huckapoo saga (nothing silly about it).

What was wrong with that sex slave story.

The media self-censorship meme. Warning: contains language that the media thinks you need to be protected from. (Come to think of it, hats off to Time.com for not censoring my use of the word douchebag.)

The quest for Kosher bacon.

Regular readers can suggest their own Radosh.net faves in the comments. And, oh yeah, buy my new book.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Nevertheless . . . not the worst week for a massive traffic spike, is it?

Huckapoo fans, obviously.

(Also ... Ace of Spades HQ? 25 Best???)

Yeah, I was gonna say, screw this post, put that Rapture Ready post back up on the top of the page... but I guess the ginormous ad should handle that OK. Anyway, congrats.

Does Time really expect me to click 25 times to see its descriptions of 25 different sites? World's worst website. They should go fuck themselves.

And oh, congratulations.

Unless this is one of those over-fastidious rules that aren't really rules (like not splitting infinitives or not using "literally" to mean "figuratively") Time should have said "inaugural" rather than "first annual."

Oh, right, the $20 billion kiddie porn panic

Congratulations! I knew your unique blend of right wing scare-mongering, Australian Rules Football commentary, and microwave cookery tips would pay off someday.

Dude this site is sweet it deserves to be on that list ;) Yeah that site does suck!

Kind of like being named the best hockey player in ecuador.

(And is Time aware that you stiffed us on the caption winner??)

I haven't stiffed you, I'm heightening your anticipation. It's that kind of dedication that separates me from all but 24 of the 7 billion Internet Weblogs on the World Wide Web.

Daniel, I realize this is a very very very busy day for you, so I'll volunteer to guest-judge last week's again.

Let's see, the winner is... Vance, for his scintillating entry, "lolwut", only made all the more scintillating by having posted twice.

Finalists: Vance again, for one of his other hilarious captions that I can't remember right now.

Honorable Mention:Everybody else.


ummm... correct me if I'm wrong, but someone at time needs to learn the difference between a blog and um, er, a web site? Huff Po is a blog? Engadget, lifehacker, treehugger, metafilter? I always thought the point of a blog was that it was one person's personal web page?

anyway, it's interesting to see who is reading Time these days, ace of spades has twice as many votes as Huff Po.

Also Radosh.net readers will have noted they used the f-word in all it's full profane glory in the review of that italian blog. Guess the rules for on-line are different than print...

Seems like they were mostly interested in picking 25 web sites the represent the breath of the internet, but I'm not complaining, there were a few that were new to me and look interesting...

oh yeah, one more thing...



sorry, daniel

i meant OVER, of course

(that's what you get for yelling in public)

jake: You're wrong. Group blogs count as blogs, too, and always have; it's more about layout and lack of editing. The HuffPuff is more than just a blog, but do note that the posts on the left column are conveniently labeled "The Blog." Metafilter is prominently billed as a "cummunity weblog." Lifehacker, Engadget, and Treehugger absolutely are blogs.

Are you new to the internet? I could have sworn the whole "what is a blog?" question was pretty well hashed-out around 2002.

Radosh, you're the best. Time should have named you number one.

This is off-topic, but newsworthy. That Austrian woman who threatened to murder David Caruso has been identified as Gabriele Huber and has been denied entry into the US.


before I saw your post I saw this: valleywag

which had been farked.


Wow! The Huckapoo saga is at the top of your greatest hits!

Thats worth a vote.

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