April 2, 2008

Absolut Revanchism

absolut.jpg In an Absolut World, Lou Dobbs' head would literally, not just figuratively, explode when he saw the version of the Absolut World ad campaign the vodka company is running in Mexico [via].

Since this isn't an Absolut World, however, Mexicans will hang their sombreros in shame when they realize that even in the most pandering nationalistic ads, the slogans are in English.

Also in an Absolut World, this juxtaposition of Google News headlines would actually mean what I initially thought it meant.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


As long as the (apparently) greatly lengthened border fence is made in America and installed by Americans, I think Lou will be ok with it.

So, by extension, we get a chunk of Canada? (Go Habs!)

@Anonymous: time to dust off your copy of Webster-Ashburton treaty.

also, i'll be in the cold, cold ground before i ever assent to giving back the Gadsden Purchase. i mean, how could we stand to lose Tucson?

I'd be willing to sell them the Louisiana Purchase and Florida at cost. I'd even toss in everything else south and/or west of the Susquehanna for a Senor Tadpoles t-shirt.

Foreskin for everyone!

Mi queso, su queso.

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