March 28, 2008

Debate: Does Christian Rock Suck?

Please come to my first official event as the author of Rapture Ready!, a debate about Christian rock. To mix things up, I, the secular Jew, will be arguing that Christian rock does not suck. God-believing South Carolinian former rock singer Brian McCarter will argue that it does. Should be a fun time. You'll even be able to buy an advance copy of the book.

Wednesday April 2, 8 pm. Free admission, cash bar. The basement level of Lolita Bar at 266 Broome St. at the corner of Allen St. on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, one block south and three west of the Delancey St. F, J, M, Z subway stop.

Here's a preview of my case, a live performance (that I saw from the audience), by Over The Rhine, one of the best bands I discovered in my travels.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How about christian comedy? Does that suck?

I am almost certain that it must.

Let's hear it for Lot's wife...a real pillar of the community *rimshot*

Thank you, you've been a meek audience, so you'll inherit the earth.

I'll be here all week - I'm creating the world again *rimshot*

I can see PAGE SIX the next day:
"Sweet Jesus! Jewish scribe sez Christ Rock Not A Crock"

Good luck Dan! (Let me know what your book tour hits the west coast.)

Seems that there are two arguments with particular merit:

1. The argument that "Christian Rock sucks!" is founded upon the (unassailable) fact that much of it DOES suck. However, making that argument is like saying "Nickelback sucks, therefore all rock music sucks." All you have to do is find one example of good and you win.

2. You can always define the term "Christian Rock" broadly. A lot of U2's early stuff in particular is pretty heavy on the religious themes (if not necessarily explicit).

Hey, no spoiling my talking points!

I've read references to Over the Rhine for years and had no idea that it was a Christian group.

Beautiful song.

I don't know why Christian Rock should suck at all, come to think of it. Handel, etc., right?

Just don't pull a smuley Boteach.

I now have to view "The Poopsmith Song" through a whole new prism.

Christian rock is probably no different from any other type of niche "rock." Have you heard modern Jewish music? For every Matisyahu or other breakthrough success, there are dozens of crappy bands.

As for Christian rock, what about Jars of Clay? They might not be everyone's taste, but they don't suck.

Great singer. She really nailed it. Christian rock should not be stigmatized.

Had rock been poplar during the 1930's, Hypothetical Nazi rock would have been great. It would have been very focused and intense. Music benifits from a strong point of view!

You know what I just realized is special about my blog readers. They trigger Godwin's law so rarely that it's actually a surprise when it happens. Sure more people read Daily Kos, but this thread would have been dead within five minutes.

Damm you Goodwin...making me look foolish. If I ever find you I'll punch you.

How bout we concede that MOST music marketed as "Christian Rock" really does mostly suck a lot. U2's "War" is pretty much a Christian Rock record, and it's one of the best records of its time. Johnny Cash made lots of fine rock influenced Christian music. "Spirit in the Sky" is good. Lester Bangs argued (convincingly if you ask me) that Black Sabbath's early music is in fact very conservative Christian rock. And it doesn't suck at all. This song is pretty.

But come on. Because I'm a morbid person, I listen to Christian radio a lot. And the music mostly sucks big time. I mean Jesus does it suck.

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