March 17, 2008

Is that what the kids are calling it?

T.G.I. Friday's Restaurants Feature 'Ultimate' Pasta Salad

Man, they didn't wait a second to cash in on the McGreevey story.

[h/t Jon Jackson]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Umm, that picture looks like it was very badly Photoshopped.

Mitch: I can't tell if you're making an accurate observation about the picture in the church or a funny joke about the picture above it.

Here I thought it was 2 breadsticks and a portuguese roll.

As I sat here wondering what an eggplant/pasta salad has to do with the "Gay American"/"Luv Gov," I finaly saw it plain as day: "America's greatest home cooks battling head-to-head..."

(And I'm sorry, but that salad sounds absolutely revolting,but then again who goes to a TGIF for salad?)

"Umm, that picture looks like it was very badly Photoshopped."

Or else the aide is currently talking to an angel, communing with God, or something. Maybe getting smited?

I was just talking about the picture in the church, sorry.

I hope the McGreeveys don't turn out to have been the Patersons' affairs.

When he resigned, Jim McGreevey apparently got confused with the Buy American slogan and, instead, opted for the "Gay American" one.

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