March 13, 2008

What was Sptizer thinking?

Silhouette+Woman+Cropped+1.jpg If anyone knows, it's friend of the site Susannah Breslin who, in addition to her smart sex blogging at The Reverse Cowgirl, has been curating two specialty sites, Letters from Johns and
Letters from Working Girls. Yesterday she wrote up her observations for Newsweek.

Susannah also links to Bound, Not Gagged, a sex worker omniblog which provides a refreshing antidote to the op-ed pieces you've been reading in the mainstream media.

Update: Ashley has released another song! This one includes the lyric, "sex, money drugs is what I'm all about." Careful, girl, people are going to think you're some kind of whore.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


And you realize the art you selected is most commonly associated with the mud flap on a pick-up truck. For a $5 grand-an-hour hooker story?

What were YOU thinking?

is 200k listens a lot? I'll bet it is.

i've never seen that particular silhouette on a mud flap. All sexy female silhouettes are not the same, stop objectifying them!

yeah, the mudflap girl i've seen is reclining.

One- what do you care, she's making money off what comes naturally.. Two- sad if you see a black and white figure of a woman you think mudflap.

Ok- I just wasted 60 seconds of my life responding to you people- you should thank me.

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