March 12, 2008

Why not just go all the way and call her a lamestain?

l_120c40421e6c13ad692f4f2a8643a213.jpg Getting all these Spitzer scoops is making the New York Times a little cocky (if I may). Here's a paragraph from the paper's profile of "Kristin":

On the Web page is a recording of what she describes as her latest track, “What We Want,” a hip-hop-inflected rhythm-and-blues tune that asks, “Can you handle me, boy?” and uses some dated slang, calling someone her “boo.”

This from a paper that still hyphenates "teen-agers."

Anyway, she only dates slang for a thousand dollars an hour.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


How about a kiss for your cousin, Dupré?

I think Chris Brown is popular enough to have a say in this debate.


An expert weighs in:

Writer in Urban Dictionary would probably define "boo" as vernacular or nonstandard English rather than slang, since he or she says it derives from "beau" and transformed to "boo" in the Caribbean. Wiki says, "A slang term for a significant other or boyfriend/girlfriend. Especially common in African American Vernacular English, boo is likely derived from the French beau, which was frequently used in the Old South to refer to a suitor or fiancé."

Boo just means sweetheart, honey, darling, sugar. It's traditional. It isn't intended to be hip or modern hence cannot be dated. Thank you again, New York Times, for today's inaccuracy couched in bad writing.

I would have been all over the pun potential of "dated slang." Thanks alot Radosh!

I thought it was short for "sweet baboo."


I thought "boo" referred to my Chevy Maliboo - built to last, built to looooove.

I thought that "boo" is what you say when you want to scare people. So, for example, upon viewing this post, I was quite all right reading, "...and uses some dated slang, calling someone her..." but then when I read the next word, "'boo,'" I became quite frightened and had to go get a glass of water, and then lie down for a while.

Go to Google, type 'Boo,' click 'I'm feeling lucky.'

"Boo is a new object oriented statically typed programming language for the Common Language Infrastructure with a python inspired syntax and a special focus on language and compiler extensibility."

Grow a brain, New York Times. 'Boo' is not dated. Version 0.8.1 was just released, for Christ's sake.

The NY Times includes her height and weight. Is that usual for them?

@Abe. That's a quote from the affidavit. It's relevant inasmuch as it's virtually the only official description of her.

I like the quote from her mom: "But she also is a 22-year-old not a 32-year-old or a 42-year-old..."

For a thousand dollars an hour, she'd better not be.

It turns out that her height is one of the primary reasons that she is in the lower-diamond category.

1k/hour is not that high for Manhattan anymore.

Anyone heard any good Spitzer jokes?

(just askin')

In the version of the NYT article that I read, "dated" wasn't the only editorializing in that sentence. The author also referred to the song as "an amateurish hip-hop inflected ... tune".

"It turns out that her height is one of the primary reasons that she is in the lower-diamond category."

Well, yeah, that and she only skimmed the Cliff Notes on Ulysses before her evaluation.

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