March 11, 2008

Diamonds are whore's best friend


So what's the deal with the whore diamonds on the web site of Eliot Spitzer's escort service? According to one of these screengrabs, three diamonds is a $1000/hr trick, while seven diamonds is $3,100/hr. And how are these rates established?

Fees vary according to individual education, sophistication, and ambiance created by each of our models.... Beauty, elegance, erudition, and educational standing/career accomplishments are preliminary decisive factors in hiring. Each model's character, personality, ability to create a desirable atmosphere, interests, family background and career success must be deemed suitable. With time, promotion, if any, to higher category (ies) is considered and based upon our expanded knowledge of the model's character and the grace with which she handles public relations/interactions.

So do you get more diamonds or fewer if the career you're accomplished at happens to be hooking?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I was looking around at archives at their site, I noticed one of the girls was a model for Revlon.

And what is 'Sienna' wearing? Are those area rugs stapled together?

archives *of* their site

A bitter and angry Dan Radosh lashed out today at the shy-high prices attractive women are paid for having private, consensual sexual encounters with affluent men. "It takes me weeks of writing to make what one of these whores makes in a night." said the disgruntled scribe. "It's just not fair, I tell you! Fucking whores!"

Educational standing? Well, it just goes to show: stay in school, kids!

The site I visit uses "whore zircons". Sucks being a second class citizen.

Prostitution is abhorrent. Attractive young people should give it away free, especially to those on fixed incomes.

And do you lose or gain diamonds if the career you help bring down has VIP status, like a governor?

I think the real question is what type of UNSAFE sex was the Gov after?

Probably just sex without a condom, or does he look like the kinky type?

Two words: piss enema.

I am told the gov 's comment suggesst he was looking for backdoor play. The escort responded by saying "You want sex or what?"

("Sex," you see, is code for good old fashioned "sex")

Related: Our columnist Elmer Smith tries to figure out what kind of sex is worth $5,500 an hour.

"Prostitution is abhorrent. Attractive young people should give it away free, especially to those on fixed incomes."

Can't remember who said it first, but the way the abortion and prostitution laws are in the US right now, your uterus is your own, but your vagina belongs to the state.

Check out my new site, WhoreDiamonds.com, where you can rate whores in whore diamonds and upload your own whores!

Here's how it is: the reproductive and excretory organs are still owned by a marvelous hallucination of some ancient desert nomads, and we are to kill anyone who doesn't believe it. We can still play with the boobies though.

Trivia: in Japan extra-marital anal is not considered infidelity.

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