March 11, 2008

This does not bode well for Lt. Gov. Buttbanger

photo07.jpg Here's the thing about Eliot Spitzer puns.

1. No matter how cleverly geeky you think they are, lots of other people got there first.

2. If you don't care about being clever — if you just go with something blindingly obvious like "Spitzer swallows" and "a huge blow to his career" — then for crying out loud don't follow that with "All snark aside, my thoughts and prayers go out to his daughters—I think they are teenagers—and his wife." It just makes you look like a sanctimonious douchebag who probably has some buried skeletons of his own. Probably involving teenagers.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Best one of these ever:

A photo some years ago of Ted Kennedy fooling around with a young lady in a boat prompted the late Alabama Senator Howell Heflin to remark: "Well I see the Senator has changed his stance on offshore drilling."

(Just thought I'd share.)

Over at Muss My Hair, we took the science geek path:

I'm struggling to understand how anyone would find the Ed Wood reference funny. Did Spitzer have hooker sex on the moon with aliens who were trying to turn him into a zombie?

Jon - I had the same reaction. For the pun to work there would have to be some passable referent that "from outer space" could link to, such as if Spitzer was known as an "outsider," or lived outside the state, or had a Jerry-Brown-like reputation for looniness. But just appending that phrase to "Client 9" does nothing.

Better, if similarly uninspired, is the Beatles ref - "Number 9, Number 9, Number 9..." where the repitition could be taken as the constant return of this particular client.

If only Spitzer had lived about 20 blocks south...then the hacks could've gone with "Client 9 from Sutton Place."

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