March 10, 2008

You know what this blog doesn't have enough of? Viral videos.

Via Best Week Ever, a moment straight out of The Newsroom. Start around the 50 second mark.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Funny but...

you do realize this is from a few years ago.

Well sure, but landlord-tenant disputes are really evergreen.

It was worth it just to bring up The Newsroom.

"Any game, where you can make a goal, through another man's legs, is not a sport. ...Fooball - now dat's a sport."

Vance - I was hoping to find a more appropriate Newsroom clip -- like the weatherman bitching about Jim's asparagus question, or the exchange about "dogmatic." Instead I went with my all-time favorite conversation, which happens to be the opening of the first episode.

The Newsroom is always relevant. Spitzer was just doing volunteer work with at-risk whores.

I don't mean for the blog to be run by the inmates, err, the prison run by the commenters, but can we have some coverage of this Greenwald article?:


Prostitutes, power and Greenie.

Please dont censor comment posts now. The only blogs I have read which dont automatically allow comments are big commercial ones and sensitive feminist or religious blogs which dont want harrasment or any debate. Even if all the regular posters stay, we will never know what has been disallowed, and that will ruin the sense of open discussion. A feminist may need to block comments because of constant 'cunt' comments, but I dont see that here. So I beg you dont quash the open speech here, or at least tell us why you need to do this.

Yeah, I remember the feeling of a hook in the cheek as soon as I saw that first scene.

I do have to apologize, though, as I realized my quote above had an extraneous "now" in it before the "dat's." Kind of ruined the whole rhythm. I'm very sorry.

Umm, are my pants down, or did I miss something? I wrote the above post, and it didn't need to be allowed by Radosh, as my post before that had. Are some IP's banned because of previous drunken comments?

Anonymous: I don't censor comments. Sometimes MovableType flags something as junk without telling me. I'll see what I can do.

are you saying this isn't a sensitive feminist blog? You cunt.

but seriously, that clip made my day.... "I'll give you some lessons!"

Of course this blog is proudly feminist. Just not sensitively so.

I'd sure like to give that reporter some lessons, if you know what I mean.

Comments most frequently get flagged for moderation if they include a lot of links, which is a technique common to spammers and people who are trying too hard to make some sort of point or other.

When geriatric teleprompter readers collide. Superb!

sorry for all the trouble, I got a message that my comment had to be moderated by the site before it could be posted and I put on my moralizing complaint hat. I'm just glad I can still call you a cunt.

Anonymous, you conformist asshole, Please stop posting stuff using my name!

But as long as I have you, quick joke that I once got in trouble for telling:

Q: What is the difference between a women's track team and a tribe of African Pigmies?

A: One is a bunch of cunning runts.

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