March 4, 2008

If Saul Bass did the Star Wars titles

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It took me the longest time to understand that "the 60s" was all about art direction. But then again, so is Paris.

Hi guys: I've been busy with life so I haven't been able to engage in the repartee lately. Don't wonder too hard about those giant "T"s because I'll tell you what they are right now. I'm hoping to make that my trademark. Ten "T"s. I'm also hoping to start a blog here, taking the form of a single comment here with the hoi polloi but demarcated by my ten "T"s trademark. Radosh can keep on doing his blog entries (in fact I will depend on them, because without them I have no way of commenting) and I'll post my own blog entry soonafter within the comments section. Good way for me to get a fanbase right off the bat, huh? So I haven't really been doing much, just studying the science of the Sun lately. I'll hopefully have something more interesting to say for Radosh's next blog entry.

Peter Landesman, is that you?

Why was Max Rebo in there?

It's foreshadowing. Check out the cantina scene again. There are at least 4 or 5 hints dropped about the inevitable appearance of the Max Rebo band. You can also catch a brief glimpse of Sy Snootles in Bespin City in ESB.

Of course, just as with everything else in the prequels, Lucas shows that he lost his sense of subtley with the scene in which Max discovers the main characters secret affair and then asks if he can play at their wedding.

excuse me, so is this a parady of Stars Wars or a parady of Saul Bass? Where it come from? Who made it?

If Saul Bass did the Star Wars titles, we'd be looking at his version, not this guy's.

So it's a parody of both. And if Saul Bass hypothetically did the Star Wars titles, the result would hypothetically blow away this guy. True, but I like the parody.

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