March 4, 2008

"Well, I did like El Kabong, Quick Draw McGraw."

Forget the casual racism that kicks this whole thing off. Enjoy Rush Limbaugh's frantic and way too detailed explanation regarding cartoons he doesn't know anything about.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


He sure can dance for a fat guy. What a two step. Must have sounded even better on the radio.

I'm sorry, I didn't know there were dancing fat guys. When I was growing up I watched cerebral arts, like ballet. Never fat guys, never dancing fat guys. Well, maybe that guy on the old wnew-fm 102.7 commercial, but never intentionally...

As often happens with Rush, I can't tell if he's trying to be funny or not. He goes into an exhaustive inventory of all the chances he might have had to see Curious George but didn't - and yet none of them have anything to do with the medium Curious George was in: Books.

That's the one thing that made me think he really hadn't heard of Curious George. Unless that's what he WANTED me to think. Is he that clever?

Doesn't that tend to establish his ignorance of CG?

Your post coming in ahead of mine by miliseconds manages to make me look dumb...


Rush's wiki bio indicates that he flunked everything in college, even ballroom dancing.

The entire transcript of the CG thing on Rush's website is somewhat interesting.

So how much did Rush get paid for that enlightening stoner ramble? Ten grand?

@David Simons: Indeed, who among us didn't love El Kabong just a little too much in college?

When exactly do these faux populists get washed away, and replaced with new faux populists? Debunking Limbaugh was done years ago by Franken. The public needs some new conservative nod and a wink racist faux populists to pollute the discourse. Preferably non-plagiarist ones.

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