February 22, 2008

Free Pornography!

Now that I've got your attention, let me offer you Free Pornography. More precisely, a free copy of Debbie Nathan's new book, Pornography, which will be the prize in next week's anti-caption contest.

Debbie is a friend of the site since back in the Landesman era and more recently the gadfly who took down Kurt Eichenwald. Pornography: A Groundwork Guide is "the first and only book about pornography for young adults of high school and undergrad college age." It "summarizes the latest scholarly research about porn and makes it easy to understand."

When you think about it, this is actually an incredibly valuable resource. If you're a high school or college student looking to write a paper on this topic, you can't exactly Google "pornography" and expect to get any usable results (or any work done). Without this book, your only option would be to turn to one of the sensationalist and unreliable anti-porn advocacy groups or, if you're particularly enterprising, a porn industry apologist group, which is likely to be equally unreliable. Nathan's book is not pro-porn but, I would say, anti-anti-porn, though it fairly presents arguments from all sides.

Really any one of any age who's interested in the topic is likely to find it useful, but since it's meant for teens, feel free to give your copy away if you win it in the contest. The best way to do this is to log into a teen chat room and ask if there are any 15 year olds who want free pornography.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


"you can't exactly Google "pornography" and expect to get any usable results (or any work done)."

Unless, of course, you do it in google scholar... you might still get some librarian porn.

Amusingly, when the page comes up the first time, for me anyway, the Amazon book featured in that box is "Born Again." I was momentarily confused by this, but then figured, sure, pornography, why not.

I just gotta say, though, it's funny how many of us raised on Playboy centerfolds now seem to have trouble telling the difference between a woman's actual body and a staple through the photograph.

Yeah, Radosh, kudos to Debbie Nathan, she is a real salient as are you. Our interesting laws that are passed in blatant disregard to the virtual absolute guarantees of the First Amendment are often the product of the predominently Judeo/Christian trespass upon those rights.

Yet for a real hair raising, spine-tingling look at perversity, those teens in chat that you refer to, are often way ahead of your awareness. They point out to me that over in the Middle East, the real sexual perversity is the institutionalized and highly sexualized, torture and murder of women.

The men get off on the stoning of women for invented or convoluted or exaggerated pretexts of morals offenses. It speaks volumes that the vice police strip search women for being seen in public with a man. Or that stoning victims are stripped of their clothes on occasion, to the sexual thrill of the crowd, while they are being stoned to death for a pretext morals offense. That is their porn. That is why they need morals offenses by women, real or invented and how it is they apparently prefer to get their rocks off.

This just in: reporters from Dateline NBC are now staking out teen chat sites in anticipation of Radosh readers showing up with suspicious "free pornography" offers

GilbertBob, then they are aiding and abetting the terrorists. Because the teenagers seem to be about among the very few that are even discussing that stoning and the way women are treated in the Middle East, is itself, terrorism.

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