February 19, 2008

So would that be Ariel or Jasmine?

You know I don't often post cute stories about my (now 4-year-old) kids, but I think you'll understand why I can't resist sharing this conversation from the ride home today.

Margalit: Mommy, I want the song about the princess.
Gina: What princess?
Margalit: The motherfucking princess.

My work here is done.

Bonus for Dave. When we got home after listening to that mix, Milo started singing, "I'm the girl who's kicking the Coke machine."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


My kids love that song too! But they call it the "No way, no way" song. I think there actually is a sanitized version of the song for kids, but I play them the original. I'm quite sure that you do as well.

This is just a sly way to test the waters for a parenting book, right?


Would suggest the Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, German, Portuguese, French, or Italian version but all of them just bleep out "mothafuckin."

Sometime around 2005 I found myself singing "kicking the Coke machine" in a London tube station much louder than I thought. Don't think anyone noticed/cared (UK more accepting of public pop displays among weird dudes maybe).

Best bet is the remix with Lil' Mama, which is better anyway.

If you want to hear pop stars and role models say "motherfuckin'" on live tv, you gotta go to Mexico.

Kids are like farts: When they are yours they don't smell so bad.

Can we get back to the real issues? Like why the N.Y. Time won't print the words "fuck" or "cunt?"

Breaking news: The New York Times reports that your tyke "has been heard using a common 13-letter obscenity."

I never worry too much about playing songs with inappropriate words around my kids (seven and nine) because they will invariably hear them wrong (even though they are acquainted with most obscenities *bad, bad parents*) and sing along with something really hilarious and yet strangely appropriate.

because they will invariably hear them wrong ... and sing along with something really hilarious

I now get to picture Daniel saying "That's adorable, but the word is 'motherfucking'."

In support of scoxsmith, yesterday on the way home Margalit announced that she wanted to hear the song about the monkey fucking princess.

Is "monkey" really an improvement over "mother"?

IMHO, if so, only marginally so.

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