February 18, 2008

And he doesn't even mention Pissed Jeans

Hitch asks "What on earth is the point of a newspaper of record that decides that the record itself may be too much for us to bear?"

He starts with Earl Butz and jumps to "the alleged 'prophet' Mohammed" — and really, isn't it overkill to use "alleged" and scare quotes?

Hitch also urges me (well, not me personally but "you") to refuse to buy books or (gulp) do readings at Borders, because the chain banned an issue of Free Inquiry that published the Mohammed cartoons. That is a pretty cowardly and hypocritical move for a store that celebrates Banned Books Month every year. Must I oblige Hitchens' request when April 1 rolls around?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


This (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knRLJp-nqSg&feature=related) is an apposite clip of an alleged Dutch comedian (and Theo van Gogh friend) discussing his insults to Islam with three Muslim ladies. Not only do they air the insults but the insults involve cursewords! The Times and Borders are officially more squeamish than Muslim ladies IN BURKAS. Don't worry, it is subtitled.

Chosen as Dutch tv moment of the year for 2007.

"Alleged" comedian? You mean like Dane Cook?

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