February 18, 2008

Honestly, I can hardly even concentrate on her tits

How scary is Lindsay Lohan's face in Bert Stern's re-creation of Marilyn Monroe's last sitting? [mirror] LiLo has been pushing her "new MaMo" brand for some time now, but if anyone was buying it, they sure aren't today. Marilyn looked sexier and more — what's the word? not dead — at age 36 and six weeks away from a fatal OD than Lindsay does at 21. (Enlarge for full effect.)


Posted by Daniel Radosh


So many damned freckles.

I don't mind freckles per se. In fact, I quite like freckles per se. But LiLo's skin doesn't look entirely healthy in these shots.

she's just so full of herself. the comparison between her and MM just makes her look bad in every sense. MM wasn't the most beautiful woman in the world, but had an inherent sexuality. LL is just vapid. Pathetic.

Hmm. On the left, we have Marilyn Monroe. On the right, we have an amateur drag act.

The shitty lighting is the photog's fault, this doesnt come near recreating the MM shots because of that. Also cause LL cant pose and the hair is frightening.

Wait, I don't remember ever being told that Marilyn had a venta dentata.

If I'm reading you correctly, Daniel, you are predicting that Lohan will be dead in a matter of weeks.

I got a serious question:

I the long apparent scar or whatever on MM stomach starting at her navel just a photographic artifact? Is it the remains of some surgery or simply a skin fold?

@anonymous: That's true, and I wonder what the story is. Stern is, or at least was, a great photographer. Perhaps he's lost it in old age ... or he intentionally made LiLo look bad as an ironic commentary on trashy modern celebs who try to appropriate MM's image.

@Martin: Not at all. I'm saying she's been dead for a matter of weeks.

@Abe: photographic artifact. Here's another shot from the same session with no line.

but here's another shot *with* the line...?


God, her skin is SOOOOO sun damaged. I've been saying that for years just looking at her face, but now you can see that the skin on her whole body is fucked up. Blech! Gross!

Dan, the link doesn't work and I am not convinced.

It is known that she had cosmetic surgery and also I think she had lost a lot of weight -- she had certainly looked heavier in other pics.

I assume she lost a lot of weight because she was on speed. Here's the index . Check shots 7&8.

Dan, look again. If you note where that 3-inch horizontal indentation is on her torso, and look for it behind the scarf, you can pretty clearly see it in both of those pics.

uh, guys, that's a staple on the negative...


A pro photographer of a very hot subject puts a staple there?

Abe: That image, like many in the series, was never supposed to be used. Stern famously filed them away until he rediscovered them a few years ago and put out a book with many of the images marked up in some way.

I'm pretty sure there are other images out there with no scarf, if anybody wants to try to confirm or rebut Vance.

Thanks for the photo! I doubt I will want sex for a week now. I wake up in a gasping cold sweat seeing LiLo's face. Why couldn't she have put those towels or pompoms over her face?!?

Dan, Jake:

Twas a gallbladder removal:


i stand corrected

(I assume Radosh is gonna hold out till the Washington Post backs up the Times story...)

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