February 13, 2008

Like the time she forgot to set her MySpace page to private?

miley-cyrus-underwear2.jpg I call bullshit: "Billy Ray Cyrus says he and his daughter, the 'Hannah Montana' actress Miley Cyrus, simply forgot to buckle up for one of their scenes in their new hit movie. 'We got caught up in the moment of filming, and we made a mistake and forgot to buckle our seat belts,' the country music star said Wednesday."

Sorry, pops, but if you're in the habit of buckling up every time you get into the car -- and you should be -- then it's not something you forget to do. It's not something you remember to do either. It's just something you do. That's why they call it a habit. Anyone who forgets once forgets regularly.

I'm only pointing this out because like Consumer Reports, I am extremely concerned about auto safety, not because I've been looking for an excuse to link Miley's feral MySpace pictures

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The first time i have spanked to seatbelt coverage. so thanks for the moralizing i guess

Actually, not great camwhore coverage though. You didnt comment on her use of the angle shot usually reserved for fatties or her leehottiesque over the top pouting. Can you give us a little commentary on that aspect of this story, or do i need to hold my breath for Eichenwald to uncover the ugly truth.

They were riding in a Range Rover. So they were invincible anyhow.

Guest blogger du jour:

During a television appearance, Jane Fonda used a vulgar term to describe a part of the female anatomy.

Why are you sleeping on this fucking story? (Didn't D.R. leave instructions?)

Huh. I've heard about neither of these scandals (I'm more upset about the seatbelts -- never lost anyone to seemed-funny-at-the-time embarrassing pictures.)

I guess this is as good a place as any to say that I'll give Radosh.net an exclusive MySpace photo of my ultracool cumstomized Hannah Montana 3-D shades.

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