February 8, 2008

Once again, Paramount, you see there is nothing you can possess which the Internet cannot take away

Is this the actual Crystal Skull whose kingdom Indiana Jones is bent on storming? Letters from Paramount's lawyers would suggest it is. What's more something about the skull fits with the spoiler in the recent Vanity Fair article.

I know I shouldn't get my hopes up, but, well, my hopes are way high for this movie (and have been since they announced the return of Karen Allen).

[Via Kyle Smith]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


mmm.... I saw the poster for the new movie the other day, after I had seen this image, and it's definitely the same skull!

but... who gives a fuck?

I'm just so incoherently happy that this movie ever got made.

It was in "pre-production" for something over 5 years if I'm remembering right. (Postponed for reasons including Harrison Ford had to star in Hollywood Homicide)

It's a Martian skull/human ancestor like in "5 million years to Earth." At least it will be to me until I see the movie.

@TGGibbon. How big a hack do you think George Lucas is?

Wait, don't answer that.

> I'm just so incoherently happy
> that this movie ever got made.

And since it's a George Lucas movie, you can move the word "incoherently" just about anywhere in that sentence and it will still be true!


The entire Indy 4 hinges on a key budgetary rider introduced by Sen. Crystal Skull (R-OK). It's riveting...and you're in the Situation Room.

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