February 3, 2008

Fergie is working on one based on Bush's last state of the union address

[via Kurt Andersen]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


That video suggests that Obama's got the hot vote locked up.

I'll get to work on that "My Bush" mash-up.

Hey, deaf people! Hang around until the 2:12 mark! We threw you a two-second bone!

Was that Ed Kowalczyk in there? Seriously? I mean, is Daughtry a Romney guy or something?

Does Laibach do R&B/Pop now? It's not going to make any difference to my vote but this thing really smacked of the Fascist aesthetic to me; the pleasant and compelling repetition of simple, meaningless platitudes. Still beats John "More wars, less jobs" McCain and Stern-but-Suffering Auntie, but it certainly didn't leave me not troubled.

I would like to see the 1985 Chicago Bears give it a whirl.

Aside from Kareem, Scarlett, and Aisha, who...?

A tad pretentious, sure, but Fascist? Repetition is a time-honored rhetorical device that is not the property of any particular political movement.

About the song

What's good for Kareem is good for the country.

Okay, perhaps Totalitarian is better. Political Vacuity plus Repetition is not a happy combination for me. Maybe some small mention of policy? Or anything specific about the time in which we live and what we are up against. It has a "Not your father's National Front" vibe, the spunky, peppy face of something terrifying within the hearts of the populace. I like the guy, he gives me hope, and I want him to win in November but this video creeps me the fuck out.

Fair enough, but keep in mind this was not a policy speech, it was his NH concession speech. As an example of that genre, I can't think of any better.

Sexy and comforting, signifying nothing. Edward Bernays is smiling.

For anyone who for whatever reason hasn't seen it yet... the sequel is better.

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