February 1, 2008

Virgin's Err

My latest HuffPo Rapture Ready! tie-in is The American Idol Virgin's Mistake.

There's an awkward joke in there that I originally constructed wrong, and then when I asked the editors to fix it, they only fixed part of it, so it's even more wrong. I guess I'll just see if anyone notices.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Dickson walked off Idol with Ryan Seacrest saying "Maybe next year he'll come back less a boy and more a man." Which is a little like Simon Cowell saying you're too nice or Paula Abdul saying you're too crazy.

That's it, right? Right?

(Right. Only question is, was it gonna be "not very nice" or "too evil"?)

The more I read about this, the more I want to get my own Tom Love Waits ring.

I don't know much about Paula Abdul, but unless she's well known for being sane, that is definitely the problem.

Not that I necessarily expect HuffPoers to figure it out.

Dan, Dan, Dan ...

No "Idol hands are the Devil's playthings" joke in there?

@Steven: yep. I originally had too nice/too sane. Then realized that was backwards and asked them to change it to too mean/too crazy. And when they only changed half, I decided it's such a shit joke that it wasn't worth troubling them again.

My girl likes a mild ribbing too.

"Don't leave your future husband holding a bare stem."

After a couple of years of joyless marriage, he'll be holding his bare stem often enough.

Isn't the right joke "Simon saying you are too mean, and Paula saying you are batshit crazy," since Seacrest saying you need to man up is ironic since he's the one lacking a bit in the hairy-chest department.

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