January 29, 2008

Left Behind

From the Conservapedia for the TV show Angel

The title character, portrayed by David Boreanaz, is a vampire who regains his soul. Unfortunately this means that due to his past deeds he is destined for hell when he dies. He spends much time and effort trying to do good works in the hope of avoiding this fate. This suggests that salvation is possible through good works alone, and not through a relationship with Jesus, who is not mentioned.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'm rusty on some of my Buffy/Angel mythology. Was Jesus the character staked by Buffy in Season Three when he dug his way out of that cave?


It really would be an unusual tv show that incorporated this theme. However, is there not a christian scifi/fantasy genre that probably does have vampire-and-jesus stories? (I know it has jesus stories...)

If I remember my New Testament correctly, though, the vampires will inherit the meek, which isn't a bad deal.

In the early BTVS series, crosses played a slightly bigger role than they did later on. I think that Joss abandoned his relationship with Jesus -- at least as a plot device to thwart vampires. Although I do remember someone getting zapped with holy water. But staking is sexier.

I wish I knew Jack T. Chick's take on this.

@therblig. Do you? Do you, really?

So, Bill Schnoebelen was:

1. a vampire

2. a 32nd degree mason

3. a satanist

And now he's born again and going to heaven?

Ok, what I really meant was "I wonder what Xenu thinks about this".

Ok, what I really meant was "I wonder what Xenu thinks about this".

I'll tell you, just as soon as you donate $500,000 to my church.

Catholics see taking communion as essential to their salvation. Those communion wafers are made out of wheat. But some people can't eat wheat, even Jesus-y wheat.

I see Angel as the equivalent of a newly-converted Catholic with a gluten allergy. In the Buffy-verse, vampires have many rules to follow to avoid turning into dust. One of which is that they have to avoid Jesus-y holy stuff, right? So Angel can't go all Jesus-y even if he is all soul-infused. He's still allergic to Jesus.

I can't believe Conservapedia couldn't figure this out! Don't they know nothin' about science? Perhaps I should check out what they have to say about Darwin.

Conservapedia wants nothing to do with your Popish idolatry, Arthur.

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