January 18, 2008

First I was person of the year, now this

In the new issue of Time, James Poniewozik has a good overview of Mike Huckabee's pop-culture Christianity. Here's my contribution.

Many voters first met Huckabee through the campaign spot in which he traded lines with action star Norris. The ad did more than defuse the humorless-preacher stereotype; it also spoke to Huckabee's base. To a general audience, Norris is a camp figure. But, notes Daniel Radosh, author of the forthcoming book Rapture Ready!, about Christian pop culture, Evangelicals know Norris as the author of a popular spiritual memoir and co-author of two Christian western novels. To the public, appearing with Norris says Huckabee doesn't take himself too seriously. But, Radosh adds, "within the Christian culture bubble, it's a way of saying, 'I'm one of you.'"

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Damn, those pols are some crafty devils.

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