January 16, 2008

But when will you be back?

Summer+Glau.jpg Todd Seavey untangles the Terminator timelines, and observes that "time travel with Summer Glau sounds like a nice Travel Channel show."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Hello, beautiful.

she can line my time anytime. (whatever that means.)

It's an interesting analysis, but it fails because of one fact: Terminator 3 never happened. There was no such awful movie. And I certainly didn't waste $10 watching it in a theater, thereby supporting Arnold's gubernatorial bid. If necessary, I will invent my own time machine to ensure that this reality holds true.

I'd like summer her glau.

So, could you have sex with a female terminator? Like, aren't they real living tissue and like functional? Assuming, of course, it didn't kill you first.

Come with me if you want to...love (nerdgasm ensues)

Does she get nekkid every time she travels though time? Because THAT would get good ratings.

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