January 15, 2008

Go ahead, judge the book


Posted by Daniel Radosh


I'd like it better were Mimi Rogers off to one side, holding a gun.

She seems rather overdressed for an underage girl on something you wrote....

Pretty ballsy, going with a little girl. Um, what I meant was, there's already a "Think of the Children" vibe implicit in that image. It's provocative in the most literal sense. Nervy, you know?

Also: I now dub you 'Rapture Radosh.'

Is the dress open in the back on the back of the cover?

It's an eye-catching cover, I'd pick it up on a stack of new books.

Serious question -- say your loyal fans here are planning to buy a couple hundred copies. What has the most impact? Preorder on Amazon? One copy at each of 200 Borders or Barnes & Nobles the week of release? Phone in an anonymous threat at any book signings to amp up the buzz?

looks great, daniel, love the colors!

Unpretentious without being somber. My compliments to the chef.

It will catch the eye on the "New Books" stack.
Then people will notice that the photo is an obvious fake - she's clearly standing on the N in DANIEL, not actually levitating.
I still like it anyway.

Somebody has quite obviously air-brushed the glass of chardonnay from her right hand.

Catchy cover. When will you go on your book-signing tour? And when should we expect to see you on Fox and Friends? C-SPAN?

Very nice. Congrats!

Thanks all. It was a real coup getting one of the CliqueGirlz for the cover.

@Ernest @Michael - Publicity will start ramping up in late March, about a week before the April 8 pub date. Don't worry, I'll let everyone know how they can best help the book, how they can sign up for publicity alerts, etc. RR! will also have its own web site, natch. Not RaptureReady.com, though feel free to enjoy that awesome site too.

mazel tov!

So earthly clothing isn't left behind during the Rapture? I's already learning.

OOh! Sparkles!

Thank you , Frank, for a very valid point. If she really is headed skyward for her reward shouldn't she be, you know, sans dress?

At least lose the sunglasses for Christ's sake.(Get it? Christ sake?)

Congrats Dan. Is there a day job for you to quit or not quit?

Nice cover, but I only buy books that are marked "unsold and destroyed", without covers.

I literally laughed out loud. Effective on so many levels.

I'm so excited for you!


Oh cooooool! I mean, "Look at that dress!" Or something like that.

Mostly just congratulations.

I hope the blessed goyim buy a bundle!


P.S. Mazel tov! The cover is hilarious.

I think it's really excellent, although not quite as excellent as this.

Are you planning a first day Amazon blitz or should I preorder now?

"unsold and destroyed" is the title of my forthcoming novel.

Congrats, Dan!

Amazon seems to be making a strong connection between your book and musical comedy. Is this justified?

Are you planning a first day Amazon blitz or should I preorder now?

Well, I am, but it's not going to make or break the book. If it's all the same to you, hold off for now. If you'd rather do it while you're thinking of it, fine. Just don't get it from the fucking library. That's like taking money out of my kids' mouths.

I was planning on shoplifting a copy -- and getting caught. Since that would be my "third strike," I'd get sent up for a long stretch, where I'd spearhead a massive literacy drive -- using RAPTURE READY as the teaching text. That'll cement several solid, reliable book-buying demographics (little-known fact: ATONEMENT's best-seller status was dependent almost entirely on word-of-mouth marketing by the Aryan Brotherhood), and it'll receive another big boost when the NYT does a page-one feature on me and my astonishingly successful prison literacy program.

May your bank account be Rapture Ready and you balance uplifted in an unholy manner.

May your bank account be Rapture Ready and your balance uplifted in an unholy manner.

Just don't get it from the fucking library.

You should REFUSE to sell ANY copies to libraries. Bums and schoolchildren are NOT the primary market for this book.

By the way, what is the primary market? Sarah Vowell and other whimsical tourists of the whacky, or Christopher Hitchens and others who mock God? Pretty big spread between those ...

By the way, what is the primary market?

More on the Sarah Vowell end of the spectrum, but with more of an emphasis on reporting than memoirizing. AJ Jacobs is blurbing it, if that gives you an idea.

But God Himself at least comes in for a little drubbing? To get some of that Hitchens spillover?

Are you doing a This American Life segment to promote the book?

Love the cover, the sunglasses make her look like she walked (or rather floated) straight out of a Disney Vacation Wonderland commercial. Is airfare included?

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