January 14, 2008

"I'm coming to blow you up" is the "Baba Booey" of the Straits of Hormuz

iwho-wants-to-be-a-superheroi-interview-monkey-woman-and-tyveculus-20060814031909182.jpg I assume you know by now that the threatening voice on those videos the Pentagon released from the Straits of Hormuz incident likely came not from the Iranian ships but from a notorious prankster known as the Filipino Monkey. He's even got his own theme song.

So should the Pentagon have known this before it released the audio? Well, here's a telling exchange I just found on the military blog Argghhh!!! Back in December, one reader posted an article about a directional sound device that ships can use to warn would-be attackers to keep their distance. To which another reader responded, "Yeah. It says 'This is the Filipino Monkey....I go to hit you. I go to cause collision.'" This in turn elicited a knowing "LMFAO." That exact phrase also turns up in a paragraph about the Monkey in a book about the merchant marine.

All of which indicates that threatening to ram ships is one of the Monkey's running jokes. So putting the audio out there as if it was a genuine threat represents either 1) intentional propaganda or 2) ineptitude. Either one, an excellent reason to go to war.

For future reference, there's also a Stinkie Indian.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


..and now maybe you can explain how this relates to a scantily clad babe with bananas rammed into her belt.

Speaking of running jokes anonymous, you obviously don't get that one.

That's Monkey Girl from Who Wants to Be A Super-Hero, isn't it?

It raises serious concerns whether the Clintons are reaping benefit every time the phrase "Filipino Monkey" appears in a newscast. Will they stop at nothing?

Ernset, I think that would have to go under the rubric of the Clinton Cabal's sub rosa campaign against Michelle Malkin.

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