January 8, 2008

Is this how Tom Lehrer felt when Kissinger won the Nobel Peace Prize?

An actual New Yorker cartoon has a classic anti-caption.

[h/t Gary]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


It is indeed anti-caption-esque, but that guy Hilgerdt's captions are always very "anti." That's his shtick, I think. Perhaps the NYer is trying to use him to neutralize your contest by striking at its very premise.

Bah. It's more of an anti-New-Yorker-cartoon, not an anti-caption. The image prominently features a keg and a million used plastic cups. It is a literal description of the scene with a New Yorkeresque middlebrow psychological lament.

I'm sure that everyone can pitch in with a better anti-caption.

I'll start: "No, it probably wasn't a good way to celebrate the pregnancy."

Wait, what? That's not the right cartoon! Hang on...

Try again. As Max notes, it's supposed to be the Erik Hilgerdt. Not sure why the link changed.

Now that's an anti-caption.

And for the surely curious readers, I was captioning this.

Wait, what? That's not the right cartoon!

I know, I know, you were concentrating on not misspelling "Kissinger"...

Do New Yorker cartoonists and editors read this site? Just curious.

They're aware of it. I don't know how many read it.

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