December 21, 2007

Hey, you got your pop tart in my Jesus

Jamie_Lynn_Spears_71255.jpg Two things I'm contractually obligated to blog about: slutty teenage girls and Christian pop culture.

Here's my latest for Huffington Post. What Would Jesus Do About Jamie Lynn?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


re: Mom's book -I assume it's being delayed to change it from a "how to" to a "how not to".

Memoirs by Denise (wife of Alan) Jackson and Robin (wife of Dr. Phil) McGraw; Pop business manuals with titles like Neuromarketing and Corporate Canaries; Books about Ronald Reagan, Bear Bryant, and Blondie (the comic strip, not the band);

Haw haw - what a load of...tee hee... *snort* *chortle* *eye-roll*...

The Complete Vegan Kitchen

HEY! You leave my poor Thomas Nelson alone!!!

As somone who's contractually obligated to blog about slutty teenage girls, do you consider it decent parenting to see that your daughter doesn't lose her virginity prior to her 15th birthday? Or maybe what you mean is that, upon heading out on her date, Lynn Spears should've called after Jamie Lynn to remind her to wear a jacket, because it's chilly, and to make sure she has plenty of condomes? I hope it's the latter.

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