December 7, 2007

At least he didn't say that nothing predates Mormons

For years, a friend of mine in the TV biz has been pitching a reality show that would involve members of different religions competing against each other while confined to some awkward living situation. The mid-season twist would come when a team of atheists is added to the mix, and the religious believers learn to overcome their differences in order to fight against the common enemy.

In other words, it's the Mitt Romney presidential campaign.

At the heart of his speech yesterday was a plea for evangelicals to put aside their differences with Mormons and unite against "the religion of secularism."

The Washington Post gets it and Joe Conason rightly says that "If Romney is going to attack humanists and secularists as 'wrong,' then let him explain why they were so far ahead of his church on the greatest moral issues of the past half-century." It turns out that black people aren't Satanic, see? "Phonies like Huckabee and Romney complain constantly about the supposed religious intolerance of secular liberals," says Conosan, "But the truth is that liberals -- including agnostics and atheists -- have long been far more tolerant of religious believers in office than the other way around."

As a political move, of course, there's no harm in bashing secular humanists, but I doubt Romney's speech will help him much with Bible-believin' Christians. He was in a no win situation. He couldn't say he would govern based on his faith, because in the minds of the voters he wants to reach, his faith is an evil cult. And he couldn't say he wouldn't govern based on any faith, because that goes against God. So instead he told them he would govern based on their faith. Which makes him look like a -- what's the theological term? -- douchebag.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Somewhat related: My favorite nutso comment so far on the Golden Compass, courtesy of Yahoo User Reviews:

"Wow, You dont have to be a damn rocket scientist to know that the world will end one day and you will either go to heaven or hell. You don't even have to believe in God. Where do you think you go when you die? You just vanish?! Pretty disappointing life if thats really the way it ended. Come on people. The only thing dumber than this movie are the people that go to watch it. Alil note for anyone who reads. The Bible was written millions of years ago but yet it says the United States would be doing exactly what it's doing right now....Thats probably just coincidence right? I think not. Thats a hell of a coincidence if it is. Isn't it crazy how the Bible said there would be a war like were goin through now?! Isn't it crazy that the Bible said the US would sign a peace treaty with Israel and alot of other countries? Do your research people the past few US presidents have been in a masonic group. Don't believe me? Shoot me a email and I will give you all the proof you need. This world is so tarnished. Im out."

That is nuts. How could the Bible have been written millions of years ago, when the earth was only created 6,600 years ago?

You aren't thinking it through. The bible predicted the creation of the earth. It spent millions of years in ethereal galleys and finally got published when god remembered to create parchment.

Oh, how I love the word douchebag. It's like the American equivalent of a wanker, but less pretentious and more jerky.

Sorry, I know it's off topic, but your post pretty much says it all anyway!

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