December 5, 2007

How Do You Spell Channukkahh?

At last, music other than that damn dreidel song. From the LeeVees. [Thanks, Eric]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Firefox is very unhappy about something in the embedded video. Seems OK in Internet Explorer though.

Nice animation! I totally remember those silhouettes from The Electric Company.

You really are my pal, mike. Fixed the problem (which was a typo in the link before the video, not the video itself).

Ah, so cute.

I think it is one of those words that - because it didn't originate with the Western alphabet - can be spelled so many ways and it just depends what's "fashionable" at the time. Like, I never heard of spelling it with a C until I was in late high school, always started with an H before that.

I always went with Chaka-Khan. "All that without a [expletive deleted] piece of cardboard."

combining two of your posts.
Note that they say "Chanukah - an alternate spelling for Hanukkah -"

I saw that too. Presumably the latter is AP style while the former is what the sign said, hence the need to explain why the article spells it differently from the headline.

More Hanukkah (sometimes called Chanukah) song action here:


My local free morning paper reran that story with a typo: Canukah, which I believe is a minor German holiday celebrating a Michael Karoli guitar solo that lasted 8 days in 1972.

Sorry, reran the story about the ham.

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