December 3, 2007

This is also why there's so little news about the Moro Islamic Liberation Front


Here's perhaps the best example yet of a "news story" that old media outlets are rendered utterly helpless to actually explain due to their inane obscenity policies. Spirit Airlines has launched a promotion it's calling "Many Islands, Low Fairs," Or MILF.

Here's how ABC News tried to report the story: "Before MILF became shorthand for a Spirit Airlines promotion, the acronym hit the mainstream as an obscene descriptor of a mother considered to be sexy."

The only other outlet to pick this up so far, a Georgia local news broadcast, fared even worse: "Some Internet bloggers have pointed that "MILF" is known as an obscene acronym in some circles. It is used to describe an attractive older woman."

Well, at least the Internet bloggers meme is finally catching on.

Bonus ha-has from the ABC story:

Berkovitz said that it's a great example of a marketing campaign that will generate buzz as the "hipster" demographic takes notice and influences the "mainstream."

"The young, the hip, they get it and then they tell the mainstream media, 'Yo dudes, this is a hot slogan,'" Berkovitz said.

Yeah, this slogan is swingin' on the flippety-flop.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


If stations won't use the acronym, they'll deny themselves the opportunity to air this teaser:

"Coming up on Eyewitness News, does an airline promotion go too far? MILF at 11."

How 'bout a contest???
Alternative Meanings for M.I.L.F...

I'll start:
-Mistakes I'd Like to Forget

-Mindless Idiots Like Fox

-Mother Issues Live Forever

-Man, It's Like Fucking Freezing (in here)

Ma'am, I'm Like, Fifteen.

From The Daily Show:

Ed Helms: You're Quite the MILF.

Interviewee: MILF. I haven't heard of that one:

Helms: Mother, I'd Like To Figure Out How You Look So Young. And then fuck.

MILF'S are out, now it's all about GILF's...

and i hear pinkberry is having a promotion called, "two girls, one cup."

but seriously, why is MILF obscene? i think of it more as feminist empowerment... (at least for the internet age)

btw, if you've seen the ads for the promotion they do feature an attractive middle-aged woman...

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