December 3, 2007

Coming Soon: Mysteries of the New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest revealed

The prize for this week's anti-caption contest is a copy of The Rejection Collection Volume 2: The Cream of the Crap, signed by a dozen New Yorker cartoonists. The book collects cartoons submitted to the magazine that didn't quite make the cut, and not necessarily because they weren't funny.

As you may know, the cartoons used in the caption contest begin their lives as rejections. But instead of killing them outright, editor Bob Mankoff strips off the cartoonist's caption and lets readers take a crack at improving it. Often, I'm told, the winning entry is very similar to the rejected original. But sometimes, the cartoonist's punchline is lost forever... until now.

As a special treat for Radosh.net readers, Rejection Collection editor Matt Diffee has agreed to contact his fellow cartoonists and ask them to reveal the original jokes for some of your favorite caption contest cartoons. Obviously, I'm already requesting The hours here are obscene, Everyone knows your parrot's a clip-on and There is a man pinned under this truck. Which others are you dying to know?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


tiger on filing cabinet
dolphin panhandler


"It's a thongbird."

declaring 'mission accomplished.'


er,..I may have that mixed up with some other joke.


The priest, the minister, and the rabbi walking into the bar.

The very first caption contest cartoon - I remember it well - a squid in a sushi bar with a chef's hat on...

The huge handgun with curious cavemen.

Fabulous idea. I'm also longing to know what captions Michael Bloomberg has been submitting!

- Suitcase of fish
- Terrible drawing of couple in bed in prison

Evrolet woman.

I second the giant gun.

Also, angels sitting on giant eggs.

I believe the original caption for the giant squid was printed along with the results, and was something close to the winner--"He believes he can do more good working inside the system" or something.

I made a non-sequitur submission to that contest ("Call me Fishmeal") that was referenced in the results.

The two dogs watching another dog throw its own stick; and any/all cartoons by Alex Gregory...

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