December 2, 2007

David Carr is a dog person

Cat girl-1114782970.jpg From a New York Times profile of stripper-turned-screenwriter Diablo Cody.

Those trips down dimly lighted runways, followed by a short stint as a phone-sex worker — “You have to convince them that your parents don’t know you are on the phone and that you are just aching to get with your physics teacher” — became an unmentionably titled blog.

What, so now we can't even say Pussy Ranch?

[hat tip: Susannah Breslin. ]


Posted by Daniel Radosh


The language here is troubling. To print "f---" is how a twentieth-century newspaper behaves; we might not like it, but ... whatevs. But to refer to a term as generally being "unmentionable" -- that's how a nineteenth-century newspaper behaves. Shame, shame on them.

I just now went and read a theater review, the first NY Times article I've called up in weeks. And -- you guessed it -- it contains a gingerly phrased workaround to avoid using a nasty word. I can't read one single article without being confronted with my dainty Aunt Celeste. (Note: there is no such person.)

See for yourself, the review of the Chicago production of "August: Osage County" by Tracy Letts. The writer quotes -- sort of quotes -- the famous Philip Larkin line about how mum and dad, they fuck you up. Only those aren't the words the Times uses.

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