November 26, 2007

...Shut your mouth!

75670053v1_240x240_Front_Color-White.jpg"My co-anchor and I were talking about a mechanical screenwriter. It is difficult to use at times. The last part of our conversation was silly banter and barely audible, but it was picked up. I called the screenwriter a 'mothersucka' not the f-bomb."

Posted by Daniel Radosh


The same thing can happen due to poor penmanship: When my boss asked me to respond to an evaluation that said I was prone to sloppy mistakes, I swear, what I scribbled at the bottom was "Why don't you SHOW me?"

A mechanical screenwriter? The WGA is doomed!

Yeah, but it can only write Dan in Real Life.

but c'mon seriously, what the fuck is a mechanical screenwriter?

Presumably she means a teleprompter...?

Or maybe she just meant a mechanical screenwriter.

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