November 23, 2007

Happy anti-Thanksgiving

So there was a funny twist to our Thanksgiving anti-cartoon contest: One of the winners of the WNYC/New Yorker contest that I asked you to parody was anti-captioner Amy! Her winning cartoon, under the name Turkey Pardon was not one she submitted to me as an anti-cartoon, but we're happy for her nonetheless.

Amy did submit some bad cartoons as well, but here's the one I selected as the winner, by nameom22. Hope you like and/or hate it.

Update: nameom22 is, in fact, Dave from Cure for Bedbugs.


Posted by Daniel Radosh


I forgot whether or not turkeys have those things on the tops of their heads. Luckily(?), they do not.

Is that Grendel's arm?

(BTW mine was the one with the turkey-stuffing Hitler.)

Congratulations Amy!

The turkeys with the Hillary Clinton heads (the ones posted to the WNYC contest by Coholic_a) totally belonged in the anti-contest.

Yes, congrats Amy!

But I liked Amy's anti-cartoon better (turkey in the loo with a match). Way too anti- for Bob Mankoff I think... most of his choices were boring, just like the winners in the real New Yorker caption contest, oh well...

Thanks for the mention! As a person who cartoons in a vacuum, it was nice to have Mankoff select one.

And thanks for stooping to enjoy the toilet toon simsburybear. I knew that didn't meet New Yorker sensibilities.

Dave's dismembered twist on the hand silhouette turkey is a riot.

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