November 20, 2007

Users who liked this move also recommend: waterboarding

From a Netflix user review of Rescue Dawn:

I met Dieter Dengler in 1974 just after going through Navy SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) School in Warner Springs, CA. The "legend" about his time at SERE School before he went to Vietnam made his escape unsurprising to the instructors - he made it out from being under the tender care of Navy SEAL "guards" no less six times in four days. Instructors who heard of his capture expected to hear of his escape as a matter of course. And, yes, I spent my turn being "waterboarded" and I fully support the use of that means of interrogation - didn't hurt me unless you count a really runny nose.

On the other hand, The Long Ride Home definitely violates the Geneva Conventions.

By the way, anyone have any opinions about whether to watch Little Dieter Needs to Fly before this?

Posted by Daniel Radosh


One person's list of things that make life worth living,is another's suicide note.

Sam: I'm totally going to steal that.

You can use Netflix's watch now option to see Little Dieter Needs to Fly without renting it and since there's no real action, I didn't mind watching it on my computer screen.

And yes, I would say Little Dieter Needs to Fly is definitely worth watching, at least to see the man himself and hear his incredible tale. The only downside is that both Dieter and Werner Herzog do voiceover and both have very similiar German accents and so it would be a minute or two into a speech before I knew if it was Dieter or Werner speaking.

There's proof right here that I came up with it first!

Owen. I'm afraid I'm one of those people responsible for that last 10 feet problem that bedevils the industry. I hate watching movies on my computer (and I have a gorgeous 20-inch iMac). I also have the capability, via my Xbox 360, to play video from my harddrive on my TV -- but only open formats, which no video download services use.

Also, because I have a Mac, I can't use Watch Now (or Amazon's Unbox).

In any case, the question is not whether Deiter is worth watching, but whether I should watch it before Rescue Dawn.

Yes. You should watch Little Dieter Needs to Fly before watching Rescue Dawn.

I haven't seen either film, but sometimes a decision just needs to be made.

I think if u entitled this section "...movie..." it would be funnier.

Oh fuck me.

As a wannabe completist, I have definitively put "Little Dieter" ahead of "Rescue Dawn" in my Netflix queue. Just like I wanna read that Ian McEwen book ahead of the Kiera Knightley movie. Netflix makes it easy. It's the reading a whole book part I have a problem with.

I saw Rescue Dawn "first" (still haven't seen Dieter) and somehow lived to tell the tale. I'd say Rescue Dawn will be most convincing/persuasive/dramatic if you see it before doing any other research, including seeing Dieter. Basically, it depends on whether you want to see the "fictional" version (Rescue Dawn) before or after you learn the facts. Click on my name for a relevant link (and possible spoilers).

Just saw "Dieter." Glad I saw it before Rescue Dawn. The true story is incredible enough and movingly told despite Herzog's pontifications and some slightly weird re-enactments. Stay past the credits for the "postscript."

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