November 19, 2007

Self-hating writer Peter Landesman wishes he had courage to be a scab

A couple of my TV writer friends wrote to alert me that Peter Landesman has come out against the strike. The intricacies of the labor politics are over my head here, but the tone of the post is unmistakably Landesmanesque — right down to the hatred of all things bloggy. The familiar overwritten assholitry is as entertaining as ever, even if you don't really know or care what he's talking about. As another thread commenter observes, "Weird how some posts read as if they were rehearsed in a mirror first."

Even without all the anti-union stuff, this sentence alone makes it a worthwhile read: "Letís face it, our favorite people are the characters we create on the page."

You'd better hope they love you back, Peter, because every real person in Hollywood now thinks you're a douche.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Is an example of such absurd assholitry an assholecism?

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