November 15, 2007

Best strike ever

Posted by Daniel Radosh


When is a Zebra not a Zebra?

When he's a scab!!!!

Wehewww... writing writing writing... I'm writing all day long... la la la... you can't stop me...

Wish I had something to say.

I guess the editors are on strike, too?

That should probably be, "Too bad the editors aren't on strike, also."

Oh, nevermind.

Yay, cameo from Tim!

Very nice. Besides making the explicit point, the format underscores how much of what we love about The Daily Show is generated by these behind-the-scenes guys (well, and by John Oliver).

Now this is funny: I don't have Flash player installed at work. So all I see for this post is the title "Best strike ever". Just white space below that.

I thought that, in a not entirely uncharacteristic fit of irony, DR had created an "I'm not actually writing anything here as a show of solidarity" gag. It was only upon reading the other comments that I realized I was missing something. So I right clicked the white space and saw the "Flash not Installed" message.

Can't wait to see the clip.

Not that this belongs in this thread, but did today's NYT Opinion headline, "Candidates in a Box," remind anyone else of the SNL skit/song?

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