November 14, 2007

This C-word is Canadian

You did so well figuring out what c-word Rudy won't take from anyone, that perhaps you can help with this one from the NYT review of a new stunt show from Canada.

Beyond that, thereís quite a bit that wonít, or canít, be discussed in this newspaper. For instance, I canít tell you the last word of the title of tonightís episode, ďWho Can Blow the Biggest ...,Ē other than to say itís definitely not sexual.

I love when leaving the word out only makes the sentence more crude. The missing word, it turns out, is fart (but please feel free to suggest better options in the comments). In keeping with Times policy, this is a word the paper will print when the president says it. Or the Unabomber.

(I tried to find the first appearance of "fart" in the Times but was stymied by blurry PDF's, which resulted in returns for thousands of documents conatining the word "fat." Though it was worth the effort just to find this artful 1854 jeremiad against lascivious dancing.)

Meanwhile, Alessandra Stanley's essay on racial humor in sitcoms fails to point out that the 30 Rock routine she quotes at the top is just a retread of this, much funnier, Chappelle's Show skit. (I originally thought this skit went unmentioned due to NYT sensibilities, but the paper has written about it before).

Posted by Daniel Radosh



"...truck driver?"

(What? "driver" isn't a sexual word.)

"...Accumulation of International Goodwill After a Devastating Tragedy?"

The Chappelle skit is hilarious, but the 30 Rock sequence is hardly a "retread." The contexts and approaches are completely different. Like night and day!

Maybe that was unfair. I didn't actually see the 30 Rock episode, so I was just basing my comment on AS's retelling (always risky).

You should definitely see the 30 Rock ep. Really good stuff. Haldeman jokes! It's streaming here (You want Ep #204, "Rosemary's Baby").

A real crap quality stream of the therapy scene is here.

I watched the beginning of season 1 and gave it up. Frankly, I thought it was pretty awful, despite the great cast. I hear it's gotten better though. Should I try again?

Everything AS writes should be taken with a grain -- or perhaps an entire shaker -- of salt. The interaction between Liz and Angie has less to do with race than it does with Liz constantly putting her foot in her mouth when she tries to relate to anyone. Of course, that wouldn't fit with the pseudo-trend the Times is trying to cover here.

I'd definitely give 30 Rock another chance. Alec Baldwin is great, and the rest of the show is getting closer to his level.

Also, both 30 Rock and Curb Your Enthusiasm stole the idea of the Black Family from The Amazing Race.

Holy c---, Jesse, that's hilariously bad.

I think the only thing worse than newspapers bowdlerizing reality is those same newspapers' journalists referencing said bowdlerizing.

"I canít tell you"? If you can't tell us, then shut the fuck up! Talk about something even more juvenile, then! Or quit! Ever think of that? Stop pretending that the newspaper has a sniper with his scope trained on you, ready to squeeze the trigger if you type anything other than "---"!

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