November 7, 2007

At least Dog Chapman doesn't care that he's Mexican

Here's one rapper who's never going to get his album reviewed in the New York Times.

[h/t: Frank]

Posted by Daniel Radosh


so what does the NYTimes deem worthy of uncensored inclusion? from Monday's article about the winning H.S. soccer coach with Hepatitis C and a former drug problem (emphasis mine):

"After he took a job at Santa Fe High School in New Mexico, he said, his drug use accelerated. He was regularly smoking marijuana, snorting cocaine, dropping acid, taking peyote and quaaludes, and even taking opium anally, because the high was more intense that way."

so protect the kids from the words they probably hear in the hallways at school every day anyway, but go right ahead and tell them the best way to improve their highs? not to mention how this must have gone over with the average reader of "Metropolitan Diary" who stumbled a page or two too far into the Metro section. could some please explain the rationale behind this? it's gotta be a real logic bender.

Great catch. Though when you think about it, Metropolitan Diary is proabably a lot funnier after doing an anal opium hit.

(and i almost forgot) not to mention the line that comes just 1 paragraph later:

"Still, he managed to be promoted to director of guidance and to start boys’ and girls’ varsity soccer programs."

see, kids, you can take drugs and still be successful! actually, i'm not against that message, but if it were overtly stated in such terms you know there would a be a conniption about moral bankruptcy of the liberal media.

Oh, man. Now that politicans basically have to admit that they smoked pot when they were younger, a lot of times you'll hear them say that they don't want to talk about it because they don't want kids to think it's OK. Even though, as their successful careers prove, it actually is.

"Sure, I may have done it once or twice, but I didn't clench."

I think it's odd that everyone's acting like his big crime was using the word "nigger" . . . which, while unpleasant, doesn't seem as awful as the fact that he was bullying his son into dumping his girlfriend because she was black. It's hard to sell that hoary old "I'm not a racist" line when the whole world knows that you threatened to push your son out of your life for the crime of dating a black woman.

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