November 7, 2007

Boinkin' with Boykin

dominican-republic-golf-vacation-viking.jpg Not long ago, our old friend Boykin Curry had a dream: to build a no-dentists-allowed "creative person's utopia" in the Dominican Republic.

Now a tipster writes in to say that while Curry works on utopifying Playa Grande, the fancy golf course on the grounds is available for rent. And last month, it played host to a very special tournament of whores. No, this has nothing to do with Thomas Freidman, Charlie Rose and Rich Lowry. I mean actual whores. Turns out, one of Boykin's neighbors is Viking's Exotic Resort [NSFW], a resort that gives new meaning to the phrase "all-inclusive."

Those that love playing golf always tell me what a great course we have in Playa Grande, and that it alone would be enough to bring many of our past guests back and entice new ones. But rather then just swinging a club during the day, you can also swing with our beautiful ladies during your stay. Our sexy tournament is really not about winning or being a great golfer, it's all about having the time of your life.

Does Celerie know about this?

Here's "Eric," the winner of the tournament, with his trophies.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


Thanks for the update. I had been wondering how Boykin Curry's ambitious project was coming.

I browsed over to the Viking site, but I'm terrified to click on the "Packages" link.

Man, I'm so naive. When I was in Boykin Curry's class at Yale I had a vague peripheral recognition of him. I was so unaware what unbelievably arrogant people we had the ability to become, or that such arrogance even existed, outside of--fiction? And I consider myself pretty fucking arrogant.

I thought the phrase "12 beautiful oceanfront holes" was a bit over the top, marketing-wise.

I bet those whores are the most decent people to ever set foot on Boykin’s “utopia.”

You can't blame Mr. Curry for the tournament. Playa Grande is still a public golf course (till 30.12.2007). When you like to blame someone so blame the golf director who is in charge of the course but Mr. Curry should spent more time in his project or get more qualified personal.

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