November 5, 2007

I suspect he would so care if she was a Mexican

Good news for 11-year-olds! The media is characteristically conspiring to obfuscate the reason that A&E pulled Dog the Bounty Hunter off the air. Since it might actually be useful to know what a person has to say to get taken off basic cable, and to understand why merely saying "Chapman used the N-word" is inadequate, here's the recording and a transcript.

Posted by Daniel Radosh


And here I thought a fellow nicknamed "Dog" -- and who makes a living as a bounty hunter -- would be a perfect gentleman, and a role model for our children. I'm so disillusioned.

To his credit, I am pleased to see that Duane "Dog" Chapman defends Joe Francis.

It's these niggling details that invariably find a chink in one's armor and result in calls for one's mouth to be rinsed with spic and span. Perhaps he could find a job at a honky tonk.

I always thought if the guy who was fired in DC for using the word "niggardly" had rapidly said that he did not mean to denigrate anyone, he would have gotten a big laugh...

wow, I can't believe this thing actually remembered my personal info!

but... to the point... you know I'd never heard of this guy or his show until this (I don't watch tv). I didn't know his celebraty began when he tracked down the max factor heir. Kind of makes me want to see the show. Daniel, or anyone else, did you ever watch it? was it interesting?

I've never watched it. I'm vaguely aware that he "plays" a tough guy with a big heart who loves his family, which is one reason why this tape undid him so quickly. I imagine the show is a piece of crap, however.

perez has a post with some of his ex-family members, he sounds horrible, just like he looks!

Picture an episode of "Cops" where the police are played by unprofessional hicks. Umm, err... Unprofessional hicks without uniforms.

It would seem like A&E has to cancel the show if only because the context is so calculated. He wasn't just caught offhandedly saying "nigger," he was caught going on at length about how he didn't want to get caught saying "nigger." Given that, his apology is even more ridiculous than it would have been anyway.

John - which is exactly my point about the failure of the media coverage: You need to know the context to understand the network's decision.

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